United In Christ

Today's Bible reading: Ephesians 2:11-14

Ephesians 2:11–14 is a key Bible passage that picks up on this theme … emphasizing how Jews and Gentiles are united in Christ.  Speaking to Christians who came from a pagan background, Paul reminds his readers that they were once in a position marked by separation and alienation.  They were foreigners not only to Jews … but also to God – just as each and every one of us is by nature as well.  The sacrifice of Christ has meant an end to the sad situation of two peoples looking at each other over a wall of hatred and distrust.  God has broken down the wall separating Jew and Gentile – not just by getting them to shake hands … but, rather, by first bringing them back to peace with God Himself.  That’s why Christ and His sacrifice is the source of oneness between peoples of all nations“He is our peace” with God.  The old distinctions have no meaning in the Church: we are all a part of Christ’s one body.  May the Holy Spirit bless you with the ability to see Him in every Christian.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.