The Gospel for Gentiles?

Today's Bible reading: Acts 1:1-18

We take it as a given: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people.  So we may scratch our heads and wonder: how was it that the early church was rather slow in grasping this truth … and acting on it?  Early believers could be excused to some extent for still thinking in nationalistic terms … after all, hadn’t Jesus come to restore Israel – God’s people?  We know that Jesus certainly had dealings with outsiders – like Samaritans and a non-Jewish woman.  But had He not implied that the woman was a “dog” – i.e. not one of God’s children?  Again, the many converts at Pentecost and afterwards were still Jews, even if many were Greek-speaking people from the dispersion.

Prayer: Lord, increase of faith in Jesus' past, present and future triumph, and make us bold witnesses to him in every facet of our lives.  Amen