Jesus the Prophet 2

Today's Bible reading: Luke 13:31-35

It is also in these last days that Jesus prophesies the fall of Jerusalem, a prediction which came true in 70 A.D..  He also speaks of the last times … of events leading up to the second coming of the Son of Man, in glory.  From the second century BC, Jewish visionaries had foretold the coming of God’s Kingdom in power.  Before God’s reign could be established, however, there would be a period of suffering.  It is Jesus Himself that suffers these “messianic woes” on the cross.  Yet His prophecies of the last times also speak of cosmic disturbances and suffering before His second coming.

Speaking of the end times … Jesus did not give these prophecies in order to frighten His disciples.  Nor did He want them to work out an exact time schedule for the end time, which would come to a climax with the resurrection of all and the final judgment.  The stress is rather on comfort.  As long as a follower has the Lord’s Word – a Word which will never pass away … and as long as they remain faithful to the Lord – they have nothing to fear from the coming judgment.  These last proclamations of Jesus are thus not frightening pictures of vengeance … but comforting calls for loyalty.  To speculate about the time of the end of the world is to miss the point … and to want to know what even Jesus Himself didn’t know.

Prayer: "Delay not, delay not!  Why longer abuse the love and compassion of Jesus, your God?  A fountain is opened; how can you refuse To wash and be cleansed in His pardoning blood?"  Amen. (LW 349:5)