The Jewish Trial

Today's Bible reading: Matthew 26:57-75

Immediately upon His arrest, Jesus is brought before the Sanhedrin - the Jewish ruling council - and put on trial.  If you think about it, Jesus’ entire ministry has been a trial.  Thus, the outcome of this final trial before the high priest and the Sanhedrin is a foregone conclusion … even if false witnesses have to be produced to gain the desired verdict.  Yet in spite of all this, Jesus remains silent with regal dignity.  His only answer is to the question of whether He is the Messiah, the Son of God.  Even then, His reply is cryptic.  What His judges see now is a man marked by weakness.  But, the day is coming when they will see what Daniel 7:13 spoke of: the Son of Man coming in power on the clouds of glory.  With no justice on their side, Jesus’ judges are reduced to venting their anger and frustration on Jesus in the form of verbal and physical abuse.

Interwoven in this account of the Jewish trial is the denial of Peter.  In his desperate protesting he provides a strong contrast to the Lord’s calm control of the situation and His perfect innocence.  At the same time Peter’s tears of repentance remind us what Jesus’ death is all about: the grace of forgiveness.  The sad end of Judas, on the other hand, reminds us of the ultimate sin: despair of God’s grace.

Prayer: Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.  Amen