Works of the Kingdom 1

Today's Bible reading: John 9:1-41

Each of the four Gospels record that Jesus performed miracles.  These weren’t simply some kind of a “sideshow extra,” meant to grab people’s attention before Jesus got down to the “real business” of preaching and teaching.  Nor were they merely demonstrations of some supernatural power, designed to leave the people in awe and amazement.  The ancient world records others who worked miracles … and we know there were plenty of miracles done in the Old Testament.  What, then, is so special about Jesus’ miracles?

First, all Jesus’ miracles belong inseparably to His preaching and teaching.  They are not done for their own sake, but to show that the Kingdom means God’s power at work.  It’s rather interesting to note that the Greek word used for miracles in the New Testament is just that: dynameis in the Greek, meaning“acts of power” … which is related to our English word “dynamite.”  If God is King of the universe, then He must show His power in restoring a world of chaos, sickness, death, and dominance by Satan.  So Jesus performs four main types of miracles: nature miracles, miracles of healing the sick, raising of the dead, and exorcisms.

Prayer: I praise You, O God, that though I was once blind, now I see!  Lead me as I guide others to the truth of the Gospel.  Amen.