The Feast Parables

The last type of parable that I would like to mention in closing are the feast parables. These parables of invitation to a feast proclaim a similar message, sometimes with the very clear attack on the self-righteous.  God’s call is always a call of grace.  The only garment to be worn at the feast of the Kingdom is that which God Himself provides, not the self-made robe of supposed obedience to the law.  In other words, once again, it is all the work and doing of God, not our own.  We see this so clearly in - and a huge connection here can be made to - our baptism, where we put on the robe of Christ’s righteousness – ie. all that He has done for us: His birth in the manger as God-with-us … His journey to and death on the cross … His Sabbath rest in the tomb … His resurrection from the dead … His ascension to the right hand of the Father.  All of this is His righteousness which He gave to you as a garment at your baptism.  Through the waters of holy baptism, God has incorporated you into union with Christ. His righteousness is now yours, as Martin Luther says: “Christ Himself is our garment … the garment of our righteousness and salvation.”

When it comes to your salvation, all is of God: the idea, the preparation, the invitation, the garment … even the food – which we will share together in just a moment.  In Christ Jesus, the Kingdom of God has come and continues to come every time you return to your baptism through confession and absolution … every time you hear the Word of God and that seed takes root … every time you heed His invitation to join Him in His never-ending feast.

The kingdom is here!  All that’s left for you to do is: come and enjoy!