The Inevitable Clash

Today's Bible reading: Matthew 10:34-39

I think many people had - and still have today -  the wrong impression … the wrong sense or conception … of who Jesus was.  Jesus of Nazareth was not some sort of a quiet preacher of general moral truths that basically any reasonable person could except.  NO – the message that Jesus brought was a message of revolution, not peace.  In Jesus Christ God was fighting to regain His lost people.  Now don’t get me wrong … He certainly did bring peace to those with a troubled conscience … but to others He brought the sword of warfare.  Demonic powers knew defeat in His presence … but His message also meant disturbance and disruption in human society.

The claims of the King meant undivided loyalty, which even out ranked normal human obligations, such as those which bind members of the family together.  This King did not simply demand acceptance of a few new ethical precepts.  What He ultimately wanted was faith in Himself.  Any human tie blocking the way to acceptance of Jesus Himself would make one unworthy of membership in God's kingdom.  The clash of loyalties was to bring the sword of unrest, not the peace of a comfortable piety.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus for bearing my cross on Calvary and making me Your highest priority.  Amen.