The Seed Parables

Today's Bible reading: Matthew 13; Mark 14

Altogether, there are 52 parables or parabolic sayings of Jesus among the Gospels … and often they are grouped as either parables of judgment … parables of grace … or parables of the kingdom.  However, I would like to share with you three main types from among these groupings, the first of which I will simply call seed parables.  In these parables, the seed is the Word, which contains within itself the promise of the growth of the Kingdom and the final harvest.  Jesus’ description of the four kinds of ground on which the seed falls is not meant to lead you to the moralistic conclusion: make sure your heart is good soil!  The real point of the parable is that God promises the rich harvest through the miracle of growth, despite the loss of some seed through rejection!

That the growth of seed stands for the miracle of grace without our human efforts is made clear in the parable of the self-growing seed.  On the other hand, the image of the mustard seed assures the us that humble beginnings should not be despised.  And even when the Kingdom is there, it is still only like a mustard shrub – not a glorious cedar.  We should not confuse the glory of the Kingdom with an earthly splendor and majesty.

Prayer: I stand in awe of Your goodness to me, dear Savior, and ask You to keep me faithful to the end.  Amen.