The Prayer of the Kingdom

Today's Bible reading: Luke 11:1-13

Every petition of the Lord’s Prayer illustrates God's rule as King.  But it also reflects what makes a true disciple. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will also be yours,” Jesus taught.  So the disciple prays for the kingdom to come, for the will of God to be done, that the name of this holy King may be kept sacred.  This King is addressed as “our Father.”  The King is at the same time the loving and merciful Father, who supplies our daily bread and all we need for our physical life.  The other petitions show how God’s gracious will becomes concretely effective in the life of the disciple.  He or she can forgive as God has forgiven.  He or she lives in the sure knowledge that the Father will protect them from evil – or the evil one – especially from the temptation to sin. The Lord’s Prayer is a confession of God”s gracious rule, as well as a prayer.

Please pray the Lord's Prayer as your prayer today.