The Miracles of Healing

Today's Bible reading: Matthew 11:2-6

Healing takes a very prominent position in Jesus ministry.  God is the healer in the Old Testament, especially in healing His people of their sins.  In Jesus, God is again present, healing His people of their illnesses as a sign of total wholeness and restoration.

Matthew 11:2-6 gives us an insight into the deep significance of Jesus miracles.  They are more than acts of mercy for suffering people.  They are signs that a new age has broken in … one which the prophet Isaiah foretold.  This is the message Jesus sends back to John the Baptist in prison.  The signs show that the Messianic age has at last arrived!

Individual healings have their special and specific message … but we can take the healing of the deaf and mute man in Mark chapter 7 as a typical example.  In private, Jesus invites the man to place Himself trustingly in His hands.  He speaks a creative word of command: “be opened.”  Since the man is deaf, this isn’t a command for human response.  It’s only by a miracle that the man can hear and then speak.  The chorus of onlookers sums up the deeper meaning of this action.  Their conclusion - “He does all things well” - echoes the repeated statement of Genesis 1: “And God saw what He had made, and behold it was good.”  “He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak” echoes the prophecies of Isaiah mentioned a moment ago.  In short, a new creation is taking place!

Prayer: Almighty God, through the miracles of Your Son, You showed us Your power at work restoring a world that is fallen, chaotic and in the shackles of death.  Be with us when we struggle with doubts and unfilled hopes and remind of Your words and works so that we are assured of Your saving love for us; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.