The Role of Joseph

Today's Bible reading: Matthew 1:18-25

While Luke’s gospel narrative - also his version of Jesus family tree - centers on Mary … Matthew is more interested in Joseph.  He is pictured as a just man, prepared to act with honor and decency after discovering that Mary is pregnant.  More important, he is a man of faith and obedience.  To the Angel's announcement that this child is from God - through the power of His Holy Spirit - are added two further important points: He is to be called Jesus (or Joshua, in the Hebrew) a name which means Savior, or more literally: “Yahweh saves” or “Yahweh is salvation.”  And in Him who is the promised child of the virgin, God will be with His people in a way in which He has never been with them before … He will be with us in a much more intimate and personal way as Emmanuel: “God with us.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for including me, a sinner, among those whom You came to save.  Amen.