Annunciation & Visit to Elizabeth

Today's Bible reading: Luke 1:26-56

Gabriel brings staggering news to a particular young virgin.  She will have a son, not by her husband-to-be - Joseph - but by the power of the Holy Spirit.  She will bear none other than the Son of God.  Further, He is to be the Messianic King promised long ago to David by the prophet Nathan.  Surely, young Mary couldn’t have grasped fully the meaning of all this … yet she humbly accepts her role as the mother of this unique, strange, particular, extraordinary child.  We’ve heard it ring true before: “With God nothing is impossible.

The song Mary sings during her visit to Elizabeth - which all of us have come to know and love as the Magnificat - stresses not only the saving power of God and His faithfulness to promises reaching right back to Abraham … it also stresses the truth that God acts in such a way as to reverse the normal human scale of values.  In choosing this lowly maiden Mary, He has put down the proud, mighty and rich … and lifted up the humble, the week, and hungry.  The person of the son she is to bear will represent and preach just that Gospel: that God is nothing but Grace for the poor!

Prayer: (Pray the Magnificant)