Good News of the Kingdom

Today's Bible reading: Mark 1:9-12

There is one topic and one theme which dominates Jesus preaching – especially according to the first three Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke.  This one dominating topic is: the kingdom of God.  Jesus never gives a definition of the Kingdom.  He takes it as a given that His hearers know that: God is the King of the universe … and that the coming of the Kingdom means a special coming of God to His people.

Actually, Jesus doesn’t just talk about the Kingdom – He makes it happen!  He brings the rule of God in His words and His actions.  Thus, His parables of the Kingdom and His miracles have a direct relationship to the coming of God's rule.  Whereas John the Baptist seems to have seen the coming Kingdom almost exclusively in terms of God's coming as judge … Jesus proclaimed Good News for sinners – which is really Good News for us!

Prayers: Lord, You humbly stood in our stead when baptized by John and thereby gave us a share in Your life, death and resurrection.  Let us therefore celebrate our place in God's family, obeying the Father, richly dwelling in the Spirit, and ever following You.  Amen.