The Gospel According to St. Mark

Today's Bible reading: Mark 1:21-28

The winged lion is the symbol of Mark.  Mark stresses the power and activity of Christ, emphasizing His strong deeds.  Jesus is “the lion of the tribe of Judah.”  This divine title denotes the divine nature and power of Christ.  While Matthew stresses the human family tree of Jesus … Mark emphasizes the deity of our Savior, evident from the opening verse of his Gospel: “The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”  Christ - to whom Mark bears witness - is the King of kings … as the lion by reason of its strength is the king of beasts.  By His power Jesus took up His life again on Easter morning – another reason why in early Christendom Jesus was regarded as a lion. We singing in an Easter hymn: “Lo, Judah’s lion wins the strife … And conquers death to give us life.  Alleluia!”  Mark is closely associated with Peter, and we can see that impulsive disciple’s personality coming through in Mark's vivid style of writing – as his Gospel is the shortest but in many respects the most dynamic of them all.

The theme of Marks Gospel could be stated as: the secret epiphany - (or showing forth) - of the Son of Man.  A central feature is the so-called messianic secret – those who are healed are to tell no one what has happened.  But this only spreads the news of Jesus even more.  Mark’s Gospel is one of movement and action.  Jesus is a great teacher … but He is - above all - a worker of great miracles.  Thus the Gospel has been called a “book of miracles.”  Jesus is seen as bringing the signs of the messianic age promised by Isaiah.

Prayer: Lead us, eternal God, to treasure the testimony to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ written by the Evangelists.  Help us to find the Gospel’s eternal truth and the way of salvation.  Speak Your living words to our hearts from each chapter and verse.  This we ask in the name of Your Son and Our Savior.  Amen.