The Gospel According to St. Luke

Today's Bible reading: Luke 5:27-32

Turning to Luke … why Luke as the winged ox?  Oxen were sacrificial animals in Old Testament times.  Luke - although of gentile origin - was aware of the place of sacrifices among the Israelites.  He opens his Gospel with the story of Zechariah, a priest, performing a sacrifice at the time he was told that he would be the father of John the Baptist.  He duly reports how Mary and Joseph brought a sacrifice after Jesus birth, in keeping with the law of Moses.  He pictures Jesus as the compassionate servant of the Lord, as prophesied by Isaiah.  Above all, Luke repeatedly emphasizes God's free forgiveness – a forgiveness made possible through Christ’s sacrifice of Himself on the cross.  For these reasons Luke is designated as the winged ox.

In terms of his purpose, Luke states it clearly: to give an orderly account of the origins of the Christian faith.  He writes salvation history.  Thus his theme could be stated as: Jesus is the friend of sinners in whom they find salvation.

Prayer: Lead us, eternal God, to treasure the testimony to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ written by the Evangelists.  Help us to find the Gospel’s eternal truth and the way of salvation.  Speak Your living words to our hearts from each chapter and verse.  This we ask in the name of Your Son and Our Savior.  Amen.