People in God's Plan

Today's Bible Reading: Psalm 78:1-7

As we trace this story through the Bible, there are times when we are going to be a bit puzzled by the way God acts.  At least to our perceptions, sometimes He does strange things as He follows HIS PLAN.  We will meet all sorts of people – some good … some not so good.  We will discover how again and again people go against what God intends.  It may shock us to learn just how bad some of the people were that God fitted into His grand design.  Often they seem to mess things up so badly that it looks impossible for God's plan to work.  But we will be amazed at how patient and loving God is.  He never lets the sin and disobedience of His people destroy His plan.  He even turns human failures into His successes!  

Let us pray: "Blessed be the God of Israel, for He has ... raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David" (Luke 1:68-69).  Amen.