God's Amazing Plan

Today's Bible Reading: Romans 8:28-30

Sometimes, life doesn't seem to make much sense. Things can get pretty hectic, chaotic, out of control … leaving us hurt, anxious, confused. It can be hard to understand what's going on in the world … and in our own life.  Perhaps quite unconsciously, those are the times we begin to ask ourselves some rather deep questions about the meaning and purpose of lifeWHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT?

There are some popular explanations of how our lives are shaped, and why things happen the way they do.  One is “LADY LUCK.”  Life is really one big lottery. You’ve just gotta be at the right place at the right time. Luck determines whether you are rich … have a happy marriage … get a secure job … have a good life. It's all a matter of pure chance. It's all “written in the stars.”

But there is much about life which this doesn't explain.  As a matter of fact, if that's all there is to life, we'd have to come to the conclusion that life is often quite unfair – even meaningless.  Often it doesn't seem to be the fault of the person when they fail.  Others seem to succeed without any trouble. If life is only a matter of good luck, are we really responsible for our own life? Can we be blamed if things go wrong?  Why should we strive for anything if it's only a matter of luck, anyway?  The end result of this explanation of life only seems to be despair and fatalism.

 Another explanation is that it is simply a MATTER OF OUR GENES.  We don't really have much say in what our life will be like. It largely depends on who our parents are … on our upbringing … our environment … the opportunities in life which come our way.  But that’s small comfort for those who – unfortunately - just happen miss out!

Still another view says: WHY WORRY ANYWAY? The main thing in life is to enjoy it – to make sure you get a lot of the world’s good things … and make the most of them while you can. “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!”  So, it's best not to ask serious questions about life, because you can't really be sure of any answers.  But as soon as troubles come - when you face serious problems in your health … your personal life … in your relations with other people - the bankruptcy of this approach to life is all too apparent

Over and against all these totally inadequate explanations of life, we have God’s own explanation in HIS WORD.  He tells us that He is in control. He has always been in control – of all history and of our own individual lives.  Who we are - and what we are to become in all eternity - is not determined by luck … parents … society … material possessions.  Rather, our lives are in God’s hands … and He has a PLAN for us, and for the world and all its people – the greatest plan anyone has ever made.  It is just because we are out of control - because of sin - that we desperately need to hear the story of God's control of history in the past … and our own personal history now … and in the future.

As we cling in faith to the truth that He is the Lord in our lives and has a plan for us, life becomes full of meaning … and the sometimes contradictory bits and pieces of life begin to fit into place … and it makes sense.  Finding this meaning to life and putting the pieces together is the aim of this BIBLE JOURNEY that we will be sharing together throughout the weeks and months ahead.

Let us pray: Father in heaven, never leave or forsake us.  Turn our complaints into prayers and our condemnation into glory.  Amen