An Overview of God's Plan

Today's Bible Reading: Matthew 10:26-33

This journey through Scripture together will trace GOD'S PLAN which He drew up even before the world began.  Step-by-step, God has been putting His plan into action for thousands of years. He is still carrying it out right now in our lives … and He will complete the final details when the world comes to an end.

The better we get to know GOD'S PLAN, the better we will understand our own lives in the world in which we live.  We can see ourselves on the broader canvas of God's dealings with His people in the past.  By looking back from the perspective of our own times, we can trace the details and see how the various Bible stories - the bits and pieces - fit together and make sense.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, through Word and Sacrament, assure us of your loving care and drive fear from our hearts.  Amen.