God Against God

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 22:1-19

The greatest test of faith for Abraham is not only in this waiting period … but after this time of waiting goes by and the promise is finally fulfilled – after the son, the only son, the one whom he loves has been born.  From our perceptions, it looks like God gives with one hand … and then demands the gift back with the other.  It really is a rather staggering and puzzling thing when God commands Abraham to sacrifice his own son Isaac – and yet he sets out to do just that.  Isn't God here denying His own goodness?  Isn't that the final and greatest test of faith: to be faced with the grotesque fact that God seems to act against God at certain times?  Perhaps you might've felt that same tension within your own life and in your own faith walk.

Yet, even in this trial, Abraham clings to the promise.  He trusts God against God.  He acts with the obedience of faith.  That is the faith which St. Paul holds up as the only thing that God wants from us: the faith that puts us right with Him.  Faith simply hangs onto God’s staggering promises. That - and not any worthiness on our part - is what puts us right with Him.  What was true for Abraham - the father of all believers - is still true for us.  God gives the promise – and also the faith to hang onto it.

Prayer: Lamb of God, You take away the sin of the world; have mercy on us.  Amen