Can the Promises be Kept? 2

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 21:1-6

Even more startling is the tension between the promise of a son and its fulfillment.  The problem is not just that Sarah is barren, but that - by trying to pass her off as his sister to Pharaoh and later to a king named Abimelech - Abraham places the promise in jeopardy: if a son is born it will not be his!  And when the promise of a son finally seems beyond all hope, Abraham takes things into his own hands by taking his slave girl, Hagar, to have a child by her.  Human plans, however, lead only to strife and sadness.  God has to keep His promises where all human basis for hope is gone.  He produces life out of two decrepit old people: a man of 100 years, and a woman of 90.  Any wonder that Abraham and Sarah have to laugh at the very idea of having a baby at their age!  But God keeps His promises: Isaac - the child of laughter - is born.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, keep us patient and faithful while You carry out Your plan for our lives and our salvation.  Amen.