The Noaichic Covenant

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 9:1-7

Genesis 9:1–17 - toward the end of the Noah story - records the first of the great covenants in the Bible.  This covenant is, as elsewhere, not a bilateral agreement between humanity and God.  No – God in grace takes the initiative to bind Himself to a promise for mankind's good.  Never again will life be cut off from the earth.  Noah is nothing but the receiver of Grace – on behalf of all humankind to follow.  And the rainbow is to be the continual sign of God's mercy.  It is the assurance that God will allow no ecological disaster to destroy His creation.  Yet the story of God’s plan shows that there is even greater mercy to come!

Prayer: O God, for Jesus' sake, grant that every sighting of a rainbow may bring to mind Your promises of grace and mercy.  Amen