We are the Caretakers

Today's Bible reading: Psalm 8

Managing the good things God has given each of us is still our task.   Interestingly, the name “Adam” actually comes from or is derived from the Hebrew word “Adamah,” which means dirt, soil, earth. It’s a clever and illustrative pun – that Adam is taken from the Adamah … the earth-guy is taken from the earth.  He is intimately connected with creation.  The implication here for us - his descendants - is that we ought to live in harmony with the created world.  Adam is given the power to name the animals, and they and all things are given to him for his good … for his enjoyment.  But use does not mean abuse.  It is also God’s will that we preserve and conserve His world.  That is our role: just as Adam was called to be God’s caretaker - His steward - so each and every one of us is called to be God's caretaker… a steward of the gifts God has given to each of us.

The beauty of a butterfly … the smell of summer rain on parched ground … the fragrance of a rose … the brilliant colors of a sunset or autumn leaves or a rainbow – are all examples of God's good gifts that continue to sing God's praises, if we have eyes and ears to see and hear His wonderful works.  If we spoil God’s world, we are attacking His goodness.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, we continually recount, through praise and thanksgiving, Your wonderful deeds.  Amen.