The Gospel of Creation

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 2:1-25

On the sixth day, God creates Adam and Eve as the crown of His creation.  He makes human beings “in His own image” – personal, moral beings involved in a responsible relationship to God.  Adam is made the gardener – the caretaker of God's perfect world.  The passage in Genesis chapter 1:26-31 - where God creates humankind … blesses them … tells them to be fruitful and multiply … to have dominion over the earth and its creatures … and to eat every seed-bearing plant for food - could be called “the Gospel of creation”: humankind reflects the glory of the Creator … Adam and Eve are given the right to master a wonderful harmonious world … they are blessed with the power to have children.  Everything is there for them to enjoy, under God's blessing.  “Behold, it was very good” sums it up perfectly!

Prayer: Jesus, cover my shame with the robe of Your righteousness, that I may serve my family with joy and confidence.  Amen.