It's God's World

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 1:1-25

The myth of our age tells us - and our children - that this world simply “evolved” somehow – just rather randomly … by chance.  No rhyme or reason … it just sort of happened – a cosmic “accident,” if you will.  God tells us that this world is His world because He made it.  It didn’t come into being by accident … and it didn’t happen by chance.  God - very wonderfully and very purposefully - created everything.  And He is in control of His creation – not simply of the people in it … He is the Lord of the wind and the waves … the elephant and the microbe … the greatest to the least – everything!

The account of creation has several high points.  In the first place, we note the power of God. He simply has to say: “Let there be!” … and there is.  His Word does what it says.  There is no struggle - as we find in the ancient creation myths - between chaos and disorder on the one hand … and order on the other.  By His sovereign will He creates out of nothing.

From Genesis chapter two, we learn another central lesson: God does not stand far removed from what He makes.  He lovingly fashions man – almost like an artist making perfect clay models.  He creates by molding and shaping with His own loving hand. Humankind is His special creation, for which He wants nothing but good.  And when Adam is lonely, God provides him with the perfect mate … and we can pick up on a key theme here that we then see throughout the rest of Scripture … and evidenced in each of our own lives: God always provides.

Prayer: Lord, You have reclaimed all that is Your own, redeemed and restored all of Your creation to Yourself.  Preserve me and Your creation, O Lord, by Your grace.  Amen.