An Orderly World

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 1:26-31

Genesis 1 also tells us that God's world is a world of order.  Everything has its right place and right function.  God provides a perfect setting for people to live in.  Repeatedly we hear what sounds like a chorus: “And God saw that it was good.”

That, of course, can be hard for us to believe when we take a look at the world around us.  For sure we can see the beauty and the wonder of God's creation.  But we can also see a world full of diseases and sicknesses … sin and death … earthquakes, fires, floods and other “natural” disasters.  But God reminds us that what He made was perfect.  The apostle James writes: “Every perfect gift is from above.”  Whatever is wrong in this world cannot be blamed on God.  It is humankind that has spoiled the perfect creation.

Prayer: Lord, You have reclaimed all that is Your own, redeemed and restored all of Your creation to Yourself.  Preserve me and Your creation, O Lord, by Your grace.  Amen.