Your Part in God's Plan

Today's Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 3:14-17

When you read the Bible today, you can look back and see God following HIS PLAN.  But, more than this: you can see how YOU are included in it.  In working through the Bible you will not simply be doing ancient history – tracing the story of an ancient people called the Israelites, and later the Jews.  Nor will you just be doing church history – tracing the story of how the church came into being. NO! This is YOUR history! YOU are involved in the first events in Eden … YOU are a part of the history of rebellion.  But the Good News is that God has also involved you in His plan of rescue.  YOU are part of the story of Jesus Christ. God has rescued you through Christ so that you belong to God's family now.  And the gathering in of this family of God is a continuing part of His plan – which will reach its conclusion only when Christ returns.  That's when God will make plain the full meaning and glory of His plan.

So, over the course of the weeks and months ahead, you will be learning more about YOUR OWN history, and learning how God has involved YOU in His eternal purposes.  Through our journey together, it is my prayer that God will strengthen your faith and make you sure of His love for you.  I pray that you will grow in your understanding and appreciation of His Word, in which He has revealed what He has done and still plans to do to complete His Master Plan – HIS ETERNAL LOVE STORY.  I pray that you will become ever more confident that God is in control of your life … and that everything will go according to His loving plan.  May God grant you this great growth!

Let us pray: O Lord, allow me to be an example for those who believe, as was Paul to Timothy.  Through your powerful Word, train me in righteousness, that i may be equipped for every good work.  Amen.