The Book of God's Plan

Today's Bible Reading: Psalm 145:1-9

Yesterday I blogged about Christ as the Key to God's plan, which points us to the STAGES in God’s plan. We can distinguish three: noticing how the first and third makes sense only in light of the second. Stage one is from the beginning of the world to the coming of Jesus. Stage two is marked by the coming of Jesus to save all people.  And stage three is from the coming of Jesus to the end of the world – (which is the stage we are living in right now!)

God hasn’t kept His amazing plan a secret.  He has told us about it in THE BIBLE.  The Bible - or Holy Scripture - is God's book – it is God's Word. He inspired people to write the Scriptures.  This means that God led them to write down exactly what He wanted.  The Bible is inspired revelation, not the history of man's search for truth.

Down through the centuries, the OLD TESTAMENT WRITERS wrote about the great things God did to carry out His plan – (which I referred to a moment ago as stage one.)  Sometimes God also told them to write about what was going to happen in the future. They recorded the promise of a Savior who would come.  This does not mean that they always understood all the details of God’s plan as they happened.  But when JESUS came, He - in His own person - provided the KEY to a full understanding of what had happened in the past.  He explained God's plan to the disciples.  In His life, death, and resurrection, all the great and wonderful things God had done and promised fit into place.

The NEW TESTAMENT WRITERS recorded what Jesus did and what Jesus taught – that's stage two.  The Holy Spirit led them to understand clearly that - through Jesus Christ - God's plan had been carried out … and will continue to be worked out until the end of the world – which is our stage right now … stage three.

Let us pray: O Christ, our King, Your righteousness is unsearchable.  Though I should be counted among the wicked, You have redeemed me.  Proclaim this Good News to all the world through me.  Amen