Christ the Key

Today's Bible Reading: Hebrews 3:1-6

As we travel together through this amazing story of triumphs and failures … of heroes and villains … we will ask: “How does it all fit together? What is the KEY to unlock the secret of the whole story?” The KEY is the one special person whom God used to make sure HIS PLAN worked out just the way He wanted.  That person isJESUS CHRIST.  All along, God's plan pointed to the coming of this person.  In the most amazing way, He made happen all the good and wonderful things God had in mind.  With this KEY we can see how God was behind the strange and often bewildering variety of events.  Everything in the plan builds up to the climax of Christ's coming … and the story of His coming points forward in hope to the completion of His work when Jesus will come again.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, Son of the Father, fill us with Your Spirit of faithfulness.  Amen.