Journey With Us


Beginning on Sunday, September 6 and continuing on until Sunday, May 15, we will be journeying together through the wonderful plan God has for the world and its people – His eternal love story.  Knowledge of the Bible is often rather fragmentary, and too few people have experienced the exciting adventure of a complete study of the Bible from cover to cover.

One of the things that deters many people from a thorough journey through the Scriptures is, first, the sheer size of the Bible.  Second, people often find it difficult to relate the various parts of Scripture, and to see how this collection of books, written over a long period of time, develops one story, one unified message.  Third, those who approach the Bible with very little knowledge of ancient history have difficulty in reading sections in their proper setting.

Our journey together through the Scriptures will help overcome these difficulties.  Above all, its intention is to help you see that the Bible – this great library of books – is still one book in which a merciful God has revealed His gracious plan for your salvation.

There are many themes running through the Bible, but the one great feature which stands out is God's control of history as He leads His people to that point where they find their hopes and their identity in Jesus Christ. He is the key to God’s divine plan for us – the bridegroom in his eternal love story (and of course we are the bride!)

I hope you will be able to join us for this important and thorough journey in its entirety.  God has a plan – a wonderful plan for the world and its people.  How God put this plan into action, and carried it out, is the greatest story ever told.  It is your story and mine.  It is the story told in the Bible.

I look forward to seeing you each Sunday for worship – the time when God comes to us and lavishes upon us His precious gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation.  See you in worship!