Repeated Warnings Fail

Today's Bible reading: Jeremiah 2

Anyone reading the writings of the prophets cannot but be struck by the rapid interchange of words of warning and words of hope.  One moment God thunders against His rebellious people … in the next He is pleading with them … then offering wonderful visions of a bright new future.  How is it that these oracles of doom and of hope stand side-by-side?

We understand all this only when we remember several points.  In the first place, we must recognize the terribleness of Judah’s sins, which are all the more horrible on the background of God’s past mercies.  Unfaithfulness must reap the reward of punishment.  On the other hand, God also remains faithful to His promises.  If there is repentance … the disaster can still be averted.  Yet God knows that such repentance will not take place.  His prophet must therefore again and again repeat the promise of Jerusalem's destruction.

Why, then, can Jeremiah still speak of hope in the future?  Only because God remains the covenant God.  He has set up a plan … and nothing will persuade Him to drop that plan.  He will even use the present disaster to make a new start.

Prayer: Keep us ever faithful to You, Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ.  Amen.