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Today's Bible reading: Lamentations 1

After a long siege of 27 months, the Babylonians broke into the city – destroying its great palace and temple … pulling down the walls … and taking most of the population of the city as slaves.  Kings Zedekiah - blinded after watching his two sons being killed - was dragged off to Babylon in chains.

What did all this mean?  It seemed to mean the end – the end of David's royal house and the end of God's promise that there would always be a son of David on the front of Jerusalem.  It seemed to mean the end of God's promise that His people would always possess this land … the end of any hope that this special people would be a blessing to the whole world.

But it was not the end.  It was a new beginning in God’s plan.  We recall that Abraham had been called out of Mesopotamia.  God was now taking His people back to their origins.  He was creating a remnant to make a new starta new exodus out of captivity into the promised land.

Prayer: Teach us to live wisely, O Lord, according to Your will and in the joy of our salvation in Jesus Christ.  Amen.