Hope in the Gloom

Today's Bible reading: Jeremiah 31:31-34

During the siege of Jerusalem, Jeremiah's cousin offers to sell him some land at Anathoth, the prophet’s hometown.  This is kind of bizarre, as it hardly seems like an opportune time to buy real estate!  Yet Jeremiah knows that this is what the Lord wants him to do.  His purchase of the land is a sign that it will one day be given back to the people who must soon go into exile.

Chapters 30 through 33 in his book all speak of the message of hope, when God will restore Israel's fortunes.  The exiles will return … and mourning will be changed to joy.  The righteous Branch belonging to the royal line of David will one day sit on His throne.  Perhaps the most famous prophecy in this section is that which promises the establishment of God's new covenant – when He will write His law in the hearts of His people.  It is this passage which Jesus takes up at the Last Supper as He speaks of the “New Testament in his blood.”

Prayer: We thank You, Father, for the new covenant of forgiveness won by Jesus on the cross.  Amen.