Did God Go On Vacation?

Today's Bible reading: Ezra 7:6-10

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been talking about the role of the prophets - God’s special messengers - who proclaimed a message of both foretelling and forthtelling … a message which embraced past, present and future.  The last of the Old Testament prophets were Joel and Malachi … after whom, the living voice of prophecy seems to have gone silent for over 400 years – until the birth of Jesus, Himself.

We might wonder: “Does this lack of prophecy mean that God was absent from His people for 400 years?” to which the answer would be: NO!  We can’t always say how and where God was at work throughout these years of waiting.  But the Jews couldn’t have survived the turmoil of four centuries before Christ's coming without His protection … without His law which gave them their identity as God’s people … and without His promises for the restoration of David's kingdom.

Prayer: We bless You, O Lord, for Your good Word, delivered for our salvation.  Amen.