The Word of the Lord!

Today's Bible reading: Isaiah 6:1-13

There were schools of prophets in Old Testament times, that is, groups of disciples who were “taught the trade” by a master.  It’s interesting for us to note, however, that the great prophets were “loaners” … people who went against the tide of idolatry … often opposing the prophets attached to the official centers of religion.  We remember Elijah and his battle with the false prophets of Baal there on Mt. Carmel … and Jeremiah has his great clash with Hananiah.  It was when the court prophets proclaimed “Peace, peace … God would not let His people and the temple be destroyed!” that the prophets had to speak their message of doom and destruction.

The prophets knew that God had a message to speak through them.  Sometimes they received God's message through dreams and visions – like Isaiah's call in the temple.  Or we simply read that “the word of the Lord came to” a certain prophet.  In passing on the Lord’s condemnation of all false prophets as liars, Jeremiah appears as one who is not ecstatic – who does not dream dreams!  In fact, he can find a message from the Lord in something as simple as an almond branch or a boiling cauldron!

Prayer: O Lord, may the root of Your goodness spring forth in my life.  Amen.