Kingship: A New Hope

Today's Bible reading: 1 Samuel 10

However, another line of thought for us to consider is that God grants Israel's rebellious request for a king … and out of this demand - which shows a plentiful lack of trust - He creates a new institution through which He will perfect His plan for His people.  In anointing Saul as king, Samuel says: “The Lord has anointed you to be prince.”  God gives Saul not only a new heart, but also His own Spirit.  Samuel is still pretty negative about the whole thing, but we know that God is allowing all this to happen for a good reason.  He is preparing the way for the coming of the perfect KingJesus Christ.  Without kingship, there would've been no David … and without King David, there would not have been the Son of David.

Prayer: Thank you, heavenly Father, for providing Jesus as the ultimate sign of Your gracious guidance.  By the power of your Spirit, increase my faith in You and my confidence in living for Jesus.  Amen