Heroes, or... ?

Today's Bible reading: Judges 13-16

The best-known Judges include Gideon, Jephthah and probably the most famous of all – Samson, a kind of Superman, a heroic figure, who saved Israel by his strength. It is necessary to point out that this man is no moral hero.  On the contrary, he is morally weak, a 'ladies man'.  As is often the case with the Old Testament stories, we here again find a man who is anything but holy, but still gifted by God with wisdom as well as strength.  God sends him to rescue the people, this time from the Philistines.  God's working through a sinful weak person is a familiar theme, found in the Jacob and Joseph stories.  God accomplishes His plan even by using sinners.

Prayer: O Lord, we thank you for your Word, which You have graciously communicated to us in human language.  Forgive us for being blind to your wonderful Word, and lead us to trust it.  For You reveal to us that You have provided a Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen