Priests and their Sacrifices 2

Today's Bible reading: Hebrews 9:11-29

Leviticus 1–7 outlines the main types of sacrifice.  In the sin offering God purified people.  Through the guilt offering He remove the consequences of unwitting desecration of His holiness. The burnt offering and cereal offering averted His anger and assured people of His grace.  In the peace offerings - the most frequent - God communicated His holiness and blessing to the people who also ate of the sacrifice.  It was this last type of sacrifice which offers the closest parallel to the Lord Supper in the New Testament.

We might think that all the detailed instructions on what to offer, what to burn, and what to eat, belong to a very primitive form of religion.  Yet we should remember that they were all prescribed for His people by God HimselfMost important of all was the shedding of blood.  When blood was sprinkled over the altar and over the Ark of the Covenant - especially on the great Day of Atonement - God was Himself covering over the sins of the people.  Above all, we should remember that all these sacrifices were a pointer to that perfect sacrifice – the perfect shedding of blood on Calvary, for your sins and for mine.

Prayers: Lord Jesus, by Your blood there is forgiveness of sins.  Continue to purify me that I might honor you.  Amen