The Story of Joseph

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 45:1-14

So Jacob becomes Israel … and we learn that he is blessed with 12 sons.  One of those sons - his favorite - is named Joseph.  The story of Joseph is one of the most gripping narratives in all the pages of Holy Scripture. It is filled with human interest and drama … and with some obvious moral lessons.  A doting father spoils his favorite son, who seems inclined to play the “big shot” to his jealous brothers.  Involved in their jealousy may well have been the question of who would inherit the blessing.  Behind father’s back, they get rid of the “brat” by selling him off to slave traders on their way to Egypt.  Here Joseph goes through some amazing turns of fate.  He rises from prisoner to governor, thereby saving Egypt and the surrounding countries from the ravages of famine through his God-given power to foresee the future.

He also saves his father and brothers – but only after seeming to play a cruel cat-and-mouse game with his brothers … until the final touching scene in which he reveals himself to them.  But once again, this is no mere human drama.  The clue comes right at the end, when Joseph says: “It was not you who sent me here, but God” … “You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.”  In His Master Plan, God uses Joseph to preserve the tribe of Israel, the bearers of the promise

Prayer: Lord Jesus, the evil that happened to You on the cross was for our good.  Give us the benefits of Your death and form our lives to Your cross.  Amen.