The Jacob Stories 1

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 27:34-36; 28:13-16

Jacob is a man who lives up to his name – which basically suggests a “tricky character.”  It's not necessary for us to defend his actions and those of his doting mother - Rebecca - in outwitting old Isaac.  God had told Rebecca at the birth of twins that the younger - Jacob - would rule over Esau – the older.  Yet it's obvious deception on Rebecca and Jacob’s part when they connive to trick Isaac into giving Jacob a blessing and the right of inheritance as the first born.  As a result, Esau loses the blessing … and all his wailing and pleading cannot undo what he has done.  The blessing cannot be recalled … even if it was gained by deceit, because it is God's own blessing.  It is an effective promise, not a human wish or hope.

And that really is the point of the stories of Jacob: God continues to carry out His plan despite sin – better yet, even using human sinfulness.  God blesses Jacob despite his weaknesses, and makes him the father of Israel.  And whether Jacob is flying to Mesopotamia or running away from his angry father-in-law, Laban, God still blesses him and transfers to him all the promises first made to his grandfather, Abraham.  Here again we see the miracle of grace at work.

Prayer: Lord, we thank You for providing a salvation that does not rely on our virtues or accomplishments.  Amen