The Decisive Question

Today's Bible reading: Joshua 24:14-28

The meeting of the tribes at Shechem, after the whole land is claimed, is a crucial scene.  The question is raised by Joshua: now that God has shown how He remains true to His promises, will Israel remain true to Him – or will it go back to its old idols?  His own great confession ("As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord ") leads to a correct confession from all Israel.  But we know Israel's past record when it comes to grand confessions!

This scene at Shechem is not only the climax to the promise of the land, first made to Abraham; it also sets the stage for Israel's history in the land.  And that history is not marked by Israel's loyalty to its Savior-God.  Instead, it is a story of disobedience and continued trials – as the book of Judges shows.

Prayer: Dear Lord of grace, make me know through Your Word that real success is not by my efforts, but by Your cross.  Cause gratitude, love and loyalty to well up in me as I rehearse Your victories for me and Your blessings to me. Amen.