Blessings Cannot Be Curses

Today's Bible reading: Numbers 24:15-19

Israel's victories over other nations on the borders of Canaan are briefly told in the Book of Numbers.  On the other hand, the count of Balaam and his talking donkey is told with surprising detail.  It is a story full of human interest, and a little bit of humor as well.  Balaam needs more than a little persuading to come at King Balak's request.  And, when he does come south, he seems deliberately to waste time with all his requests for altars and sacrifices.  He refuses to become the king's lackey. But the real point is finally this: God will not allow this prophet to curse the people he has blessed.  Not even Israel's bad record of unfaithfulness can erase His promises.  In fact, a significant new promise is added: the promise of a king in Israel. This verse, together with Genesis 3:15 and 49:10, is another pointer to the long-term goal of God's plan with Israel.  The Messiah will be the greatest blessing of all.

Prayer: Lord, we thank You for your faithfulness fulfilled in Christ.  Rule us by Your beloved Word.  Amen.