The Golden Claf

Today's Bible reading: Exodus 32:1-29

The long absence of Moses on Sinai leads to crass idolatry. Israel wants gods that he can see. The people make a bull calf of gold. Instead of the Lord, they worship a symbol of fertility and success, as their descendants or later to do when they were shipped Baal in Canaan.

Moses appears as the great intercessor, pleading with God to save his people from just judgment. And God relents! Yet judgment does fall. Though Moses is prepared to give his life in exchange for that of the rebellious people, got insists that the guilty must be punished. Sword and plague or let loose on the camp, and carry out a divine punishment.

Prayer: O Christ, Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, thank You for giving Yourself for me.  Forgive my sins and strengthen me to believe in You and love You.  Amen.