No Easy Road

Today's Bible reading: Philippians 3:1-13

We ended our time together last week considering the parallels between Israelites and ourselves.  Just like the Israelites, God makes promises to us … and He remembers those promises … and He keeps those promises.  He calls us through His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit … and through Christ's death and resurrection we find our ‘road out’ from slavery to sin – our Exodus of Salvation.  OUR BAPTISM INTO CHRIST IS OUR EXODUS! 

However, there is no easy road from our Baptism to the heavenly Canaan.  Nor was the path through the desert from the Red Sea to the Promised Land a quick and easy triumphal procession for the Israelites.  The desert proved to be a place of suffering … of trial – all because of Israel's continual grumbling in rebellion.  But the desert also became the womb from which a new people with a mission was born.  It was there that Israel learned to be dependent on the Lord.  It was there that He came to the rescue when they were hungry and thirsty.  It was there that He established a new covenant with them.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, by Your grace You set me free to live in Your righteousness and Your image.  Loosen my grip on earthly advantage, and take my hand in Yours.  Amen.