A Reluctant Leader is Called 1

Today's Bible reading: Exodus 3:1-17

This brings us to the well-known story of the burning bush.  We find both fear and comfort in God’s revelation to Moses in the burning bush.  God is the holy God … Moses is the sinner who can approach Him only with fear.  Yet the voice from the bush speaks with compassion – God plans to deliver His people and lead them back to the promised land.

So God calls Moses to become the leader of His people.  And how is God’s call received?  Well – not so well.  We find Moses trying to get out of it and making lots of excuses. “How will the people know who has called and appointed me?” … “How can I convince them that you - the God of my ancestors - have really appeared to me?” ... “How can I be a great leader when I lack one of the most important requirements: the gift of eloquence?”  Finally, Moses is reduced to pleading: “Send somebody else.”  He has run out of excuses because God answers every objection.  God reveals Himself as the Great I AM - Yahweh - the covenant God of the patriarchs.  He equips Moses with miraculous signs … He appoints Aaron - Moses brother - as his spokesman … He promises to be their “mouth” and provide them with the right words.  God Himself will do it all.

Prayer: "Lord, open now my heart to hear, And through your Word to me draw near." Amen (LSB 908:1)