Hopeless Promises?

Today's Bible Reading: Romans 6:15-21

Our journey together through the entirety of the Bible began just over a month ago … and so far we have completed our walk through the book of Genesis.  Genesis began with nothing but God and His creative power.  Now we turn our attention to the book of Exodus … which begins with little more than God's promises to the fathers – as yet unfulfilled.  Israel has become a large tribe – a nation, if you will … but a nation of slaves… a nation in bondage – hardly the kind of people who will prove to be a blessing to the whole world!  So we find yet another difficult situation. Will Israel simply disappear and be absorbed into the rest of Egyptian society?  Certainly the hope of one-day returning to the land of Canaan and possessing the land must have seemed like a lost dream.  This is the setting that we find as the book of Exodus begins – the setting of human hopelessness in which God again sets to work with new creative grace.

Prayer: My Savior, thank you for serving me.  Lead me to serve You and others.  Amen.